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Come here once a week and use the brush free. Which elimates scratches. No tire tracks which eliminates rim sratches and damage and Top quality products used! Had an issue with machine not working this morning, called them and it was fixed immediately. Was given a comp no question asked.  

On a another note.
Went to Soapy Joes last week to check it out and after the wash the rinse cycle left dirt debris on the entire back of the car. Approached the attendant to show him and the first thing tocome out of his mouth was it was because you got the S10 average joe and your car was dirty. Dont know why the S10 version vs the more expensive version had to do with how it rinsed it. BTW I do wash my cars weekly so i know it wasn’t because it was too dirty. Moral of the story go to Max’s for quality, damage control and most importantly Customer Service.


Max's Car Wash in Fallbrook, CA is the best place to take your car for a wash. Great machines, product and price.


My favorite do-it-yourself car wash in Fallbrook. It is well maintained by a person on site, something you don't see very often. The hoses and vacuums are in great condition, and the change machine dispenses in quarters instead of tokens, so no need to save tokens for future use. This is not just for your car, but there's a pet wash that I have never seen before, and an Ice Machine. The other do-it-yourself car washes in Fallbrook are the complete opposite.


First off, this place had a crazy overhaul, and looks great! Now only that, but this is the one-stop-shop for your every need: Drive thru Carwash, Self Wash, Vacuums, Dog Wash, and they offer Full Detail. This is the only carwash I go to! I would recommend this place to everyone. Everything works great and the hospitality is amazing! The owner helped me out with everything, he even took the time to show me how to properly wash my car. Thanks, I appreciate it a lot!

Great Car Wash! Super easy to use. I especially love the dog wash. My dog and car get clean at the same time!


This was my second visit to this car wash, and I was NOT disappointed!

Throughout the years, I have frequented a handful of car washes in different cities, but this car wash goes above and beyond! They take their time and make the car look immaculate. FYI, for me to make this statement is groundbreaking, since I am a perfectionist.

The people working at this establishment are always polite. If you are ever in the rolling hills of Fallbrook, please give this car wash a try!


I LOVE the new touch-free drive thru car wash service! I have a black car, and I typically don't go to car washes because they leave behind small scratches that dull the finish. But, with this touch-free system, I simply drive in, and the computerized soap, spray and rinse does its thing. The dryer doesn't get the car completely dry, so I have to dry off the back of the car when finished. For those weeks when it's just really dusty or lightly spotted, this car wash works great!


I went through the "touchless" wash cycle yesterday and am VERY impressed with how well it cleaned my car. It even got all the dead bugs off my windshield that had been caked on for weeks. Can't tell you how happy I am that I no longer have to go outside Fallbrook to get my car washed inexpensively AND I can get it washed any time of the day.

I love this new car wash. I'm tired of the other car wash on Alvarado St. It's quite pricey and they always stare you down for tips. The Automatic Car wash is a welcome site.

I had my vehicle detailed in the detail shop. The boys did a great job on my car and it gave me a chance to chat with them. It seems everyone that works there is from Fallbrook, even the sign spinners. It feels like a little local Mom and Pop shop for your car. The whole place looks welcoming and neat and clean. I haven't tried the new automatic wash yet, but I will soon. Great little carwash for Fallbrook!

I used the brush system in the new car wash and was pleased it works so well. This is a welcome, new, Fallbrook car wash.

It is about time ... getting good service at a low cost. I wash my classic '69 Impala every week and love the touchless wash on my $45,000 baby. No way will I let some yahoo touch my car.

We tried the automatic car wash today. The kids loved the 'ride' and the multicolored foam. Nice to have a good car wash in Fallbrook.

I love the detail and care I get on my truck every time I go there and the outstanding service.

I tried 24 Hour Max Car Wash the other day and it's 50% off right now! It's fun and very high tech! I love it - definitely the best car wash in town! My car still looks great!

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