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For those who want to give their car or truck a great wash, choose 24 Hour Max Car Wash, a self-serve car wash. All of our self-serve car wash bays are equipped with brushes and spray wands, and accept credit cards, cash, and quarters.

From a professional detailer's perspective, these are my recommendations:

Wheel, tire and engine cleaner:
First step is to prep your vehicle, using wheel and tire cleaner, this product is a degreaser that cuts through brake dust and grim from the road. Used for the rims, tires and grim on the bottom of the vehicles paint. Also used for engine cleaning.


Second step is to pre soak your vehicles paint with our special foam cleaner, this step helps agitate the dirt and grim on the vehicles paint, loosening dirt for an easier wash and less scrubbing.


High pressure soap:
Third step is pressure washing the car, blasting off all the cleaners and dirt, but at the same time soaping up the exterior surfaces. This is a step also for those who are skeptical of using a brush on their paint, and if you just have dust and need a quick rinse.


Triple foam (conditioner):
Fourth step is a very important one, best when used before the foam brush, it has conditioners to help the paint ,protecting it from the sun's harsh UV rays. This step works better when scrubbed into the paint with foam brush.
(Before using foam brush, be sure to rinse off the brush with high pressure to remove any dirt or abrasive material that might have been left behind by the previous customer) 


Foam brush:
Fifth step, the foam brush shampooing is great for eliminating dirt and grim off the paints surface. The brush is made of 100% hog hair so will not scratch your vehicles paint, the better you brush the better your finish will be.


High pressure rinse:
Sixth step is applied after soaping up the car, now its time to pressure wash off the foam soap, from top to bottom. (gravity pulls so make it easier on your time and money)


Seventh step, wax is optional after high pressure rinse but is the best way to bring the paints shine back to life, it also helps protect the paints surface from debris and road grime.


Spot free rinse:
Eighth step, using r.o. water for a spot free rinse without having to deal with hard water marks afterwards is by far the best way to rinse your your vehicle.


Blasto Dry:
This is the last step of a wash to ensure a great finish, the blasto dryer is great for getting into hard to reach places where water and soap may be hiding, this is the best way to dry your vehicle. (It is very strong and should be used with caution.)


What our customers are saying about us:

"I like the fact that the self-serve and vacuums all take credit cards and all the equipment is working the way it should. We go every Wednesday when it's not busy. It is nice to have vacuums with strong suction. I love to take my kids and wash my car in the self-serve with all the bright and fun colors.”
"It's about time somebody got the self-serve bays back in excellent working condition. Thank you! 24 Hour Max Car Wash is so needed in Fallbrook. Now I have no excuse to have a dirty car."